Welcome to Strawberry Hill Povitica Co

Pova-What? It's pronounced "Poh-va-teet-sa"

At least that’s what our grandma called it. This Eastern European sweet bread is known by many names:

  • Povitica
  • Kalachi
  • Strudel
  • Potica
  • Nutroll
  • Poppyroll

No matter how you say it, no matter what you call it, each loaf of handmade, hand-rolled goodness is made with our grandma’s original, old-world recipe.

Historically, Povitica has been a staple at many holiday and family gatherings for generations. When given as a gift to people outside the family, it was meant as a sign of respect.
In the late 1800’s, a group of Eastern European immigrants came to Kansas City looking for work in the meat packaging industry. They settled in the strawberry “Patch”.
Our founder, Harley O’Leary (center) with sons Marc (left) and Dennis, on the right.