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Customer Comments

"Wonderful product. Great gift idea."
Janice S. - Arizona 2-12-16

"Your English Walnut is EXACTLY like my grandmother made for my brother, sisters and I when we were children. Love it! "
John W. - North Carolina 2-12-16

"love it my mother used to make these"
Susan U. - Arkansas 2-12-16

"Thank you for such a great product"
Linda B. - Montana 2-11-16

"i have shopped at strawberry hill for years."
Cathy R. - Missouri 2-11-16

"Delicious product"
Richard G. - Pennsylvania 2-11-16

"I purchased some before Christmas, and they were a hit!"
Sharon D. - Ohio 2-11-16

"Try poppy seed with cherries. It's a winner."
Mark Y. - Florida 2-10-16

"2nd order very good, trying sampler with different flavors."
Jim O. - Texas 2-10-16

Alison D. - Florida 2-10-16

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Mini Povitica Sampler Pack

Current rating is 3.80. Total votes 84.
Indulge your taste in a variety of ways.  Enjoy four 1lb loaves of your choice!  Include a gift message for that personal touch. Baked fresh, and shipped in our Signature Strawberry Hill Povitica gift box.
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too good a product
its true. its too good. the original will always be my favorite but the blueberry and the strawberry very good too. you cant go wrong giving as gift to you from you or be the hero of the day sending as gift..the staff make it easy to order and are always helpful. ty strawberry hill. you rock

From: Guest | Created on: 5/12/2015 4:02 AM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (1 / 1)
Apple Cinnamon
I ordered the Apple Cinnamon for Christmas gifts and myself.  Everyone enjoyed them so much that I have ordered the 4-loaf mini box to try more flavors.  The loaves were fresh, delicious and kept well in the refrigerator.

From: Guest | Created on: 2/24/2015 12:53 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (2 / 0)
Great Taste
We love ordering these as gifts.  We send them instead of flowers.  I love when there is a coupon for them.  The folks we have sent them too have now become fans too.  Apple Cinnamon, English Walnut, Choc Chip Cream Cheese, Strawberry Cream Cheese are some of our favorites!  They freeze well too.

From: | Created on: 2/23/2015 9:28 AM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (1 / 0)
Hooked on the good stuff
This is the best nut roll ever, right up there with moms cooking . I sent the 4 package sampler to my daughter and now she is hooked. Great product. Ordering more for Easter for both her and I. Keep up making the good stuff and I will keep buying. Thanks. Linda and Lisa - Flordia and Connecticut.

From: | Created on: 2/22/2015 1:51 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (0 / 0)
Homemade Povitica
Your poppyseed povitica is actually my favorite.  Although I've asked others their opinion, and they like the original English Walnut too.
     I'm so happy I found your website.  I've brought your povitica to my book discussion group and they too thought it delicious!  Thank you and Happy Holidays.

From: Guest | Created on: 11/17/2014 1:22 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (4 / 1)
Great Customer Service
The povitica is'll find many reviews that say that. But in addition, the customer service is outstanding! After a misunderstanding with a sales rep in a local store, I unfortunately let my povitica go bad before I was able to enjoy it. I emailed the company and a representative responded the very next day offering a replacement! It is rare to get this level of customer service nowadays, and I'm happy to say that Strawberry Hill exceeded my expectations!

From: Guest | Created on: 10/6/2014 5:53 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (8 / 0)
Recreating Old Times
Perfect gift for my Papa. He has fond memories of his Grandmother making this for him. They were from Croatia. Brings him back to those memories every time he has a slice. Thanks for that! Yummy!

From: Guest | Created on: 10/1/2014 7:15 AM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (1 / 0)
We've been looking for a nut roll like Nanny used to make for years and we finally found one!  Absolutely delicious - no need to look any further.

From: | Created on: 9/3/2014 1:44 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (2 / 0)
I was fortunate to have a German Mother-in-Law who made povitica and when she passed, I thought I would NEVER have any as good.  WRONG...yours is as good as or better and that's a FACT and I don't have the work to make it!

From: Guest | Created on: 8/18/2014 6:14 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (2 / 0)
I gave the sample pack to my folks for a Christmas is still raving on it! Came back to order them a 2 loaf pack for their upcoming anniversary.

From: Guest | Created on: 1/12/2014 9:48 AM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (0 / 3)
English Walnut
Excellent, been years since I had my mother's . How about making a Gluten Free (Gluten Free  Momma, etc.) English Walnut Povitica?

From: Guest | Created on: 12/18/2013 7:20 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (2 / 2)
Box of 4 Small Loaves
The Pumpkin is very festive,Cream Cheese is heaven,but the Cranberry Walnut  is to die for.  Will be ordering again very soon.

From: Guest | Created on: 11/4/2013 9:37 AM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (7 / 0)
Walnut povitica
This is the best walnut bread I have ever tasted just like my grandmas. I can't wait to try the poppyseed. I just ordered it.

From: Guest | Created on: 10/23/2013 6:28 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (4 / 0)
Just like Grandma's
My grandmother was also from Croatia and I recall being at her house during the holidays making her famous, "Nut bread".  The first time I tasted the Raisin Walnut from Strawberry Hill I had an immediate flashback!  This nutbread was just like Grandma's!  That is saying a lot!  I am tempted to try the Apple Cinnamon this year.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/13/2012 7:08 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (6 / 1)
My folks were from Ljubljana and of course passed years ago.. Was very happy to find SHP.,  although we call it "Potica",  and to find that the flavor , texture, etc. are identical to what "Angelina and Anton" made. Many happy memories of all things homemade... Potica, wine , sausage.. More than food.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/11/2012 1:54 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (7 / 0)
Wonderful povitica
Just got home from Costco in Louisville and bought a loaf from the road shoe.  yummy!  Its the best povitica I have had in a long time.  I might send my mom some.

From: Guest | Created on: 9/8/2012 6:08 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (7 / 2)
Great for End of the Year Teachers Presents!!
I never have to worry about giving a duplicate gift with these little babies!  So easy to put a bow on and give.

We also use these at Christmas time for drop in gifts for friends and customers.

From: Guest | Created on: 5/8/2012 12:41 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (2 / 1)
We are hooked!
We were introduced to you while you were in Plano, TX.  Wow!  We had company this weekend and they were fighting over it!  What an unexpected treat.  Thank you for taking your show on the road.

From: Guest | Created on: 4/29/2012 4:00 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (1 / 2)
Just Like Grandma's
Just received the english walnut loaf and it is just like my grandma made. She was from Coratia. Thanks too good too be true. Linda G Az

From: Guest | Created on: 3/30/2012 5:54 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (3 / 1)
Thanks for selling the new "customizable" pack.  I love the Walnut, but Chocolate is my favorite!

From: | Created on: 11/4/2010 8:40 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (5 / 1)
These are new
Wow... Baby Povitica's - That's cool!

From: Guest | Created on: 10/24/2010 8:13 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (4 / 4)
What a cute gift!
It's so cute.  Four little loaves make this the perfect gift for anyone who hasn't had Povitica.

From: Guest | Created on: 10/23/2010 7:45 PM

Was this review helpful? Yes  No (14 / 1)