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Customer Comments

"Love your Povitica. Everyone I've sent one to as a gift has loved them as well. Thank you!!!"
Olga D G. - Massachusetts 3-2-15

"Great product!!!"
Leon M. - Nebraska 3-2-15

RALPH W. - Colorado 3-2-15

"Love your breads"
Virginia B. - Missouri 3-2-15

"Love the product! Great gifts!"
Jan P. - Minnesota 3-2-15

"Love it!!!!"
Mariann H. - New Jersey 3-2-15

"My mother loves to share with her friends at her new assisted living home. She says it's such a treat when it comes through the door. They are starting to have tasting parties! "
Seine L. - Louisiana 3-2-15

"This is a memory from my childhood, comfort food. It is better than homemade! Thank you!"
Connie S. - Michigan 3-2-15

"my family and i enjoy your products"
Bruce R. - Pennsylvania 3-2-15

"Very good Povtica. We love it!"
Tom M. - Colorado 3-2-15

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English Walnut Povitica

English Walnut Povitica

The original Povitica! The traditional favorite for generations is still made with Grandma's old-world recipe, with layers of crushed English Walnuts, sweet honey and luscious real butter.  [KOSHER] [NUTRITIONAL VALUE]

European immigrants came to Kansas City looking for work in the meat packaging industry. They settled in the strawberry "Patch".

A flood in 1903 provided the impetus to move up ground to the "Hill". Known as Strawberry Hill, this community was enriched by the customs, beliefs, and proud heritage of its people. Along with them came their traditional dessert known as Povitica (swirled bread).

Strawberry Hill Povitica begins with our exclusive sweet dough recipe, rolling it into an almost paper thin "skin". Once rolled, each skin is smothered in one of our delicious fillings made with the finest ingredients. We then hand-roll each skin into our signature loaf and carefully bake it to perfection. Each delicious Povitica weighs an amazing 2.5 pounds!