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Customer Comments

"your product is soooo yummy!!!"
jack r. - California 7-27-14

"Love it!"
Marie S. - Arizona 7-27-14

"Can't wait to get it. This time I get to try 4 flavors....."
Alan D. - California 7-27-14

"You have great products. I send them to various friends in NY"
Michael P. - Wisconsin 7-26-14

"Love your product!"
Connie R. - Arizona 7-26-14

"My family loves your polvatica. Excellent quality!"
Tracy W. - Missouri 7-26-14

"Love your products. I'm in my late 60's and this reminds me of when I was a young girl."
Joan H. - Missouri 7-25-14

"Love this, sending some to my parents in Pa."
jami c. - Kansas 7-25-14

"Love your products - have sent many and ordered many for my self - familiar because my Mother used to make these but a sweet dough receipe - so thanks for your get product and especially I watch for special offers ( Ha Ha)"
Jean P. - Minnesota 7-25-14

"Keep up the quality, the bread is great, can't stop eating it."
Constance D. - Missouri 7-25-14

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Business Gifts

It used to be over the fence...

When our grandmother made Povitica, it was truly a sight to see. If you were lucky, you didn't get stuck grinding the walnuts (Boy was that a chore).  The lost art of making Povitica was a family affair.  After a long day of stretching dough, grinding walnuts and watching the oven, you were left with six home cooked masterpieces.  Receiving a Povitica as a gift, over the back fence, was considered an honor.  

Honor your employees and clients with a traditional loaf of Strawberry Hill Povitica.  We'll even carry it over the fence for you!        

  • Orders of any size, from 10 to 10,000 loaves
  • Volume discount savings up to 30%
  • Personalized gift messages and cards
  • All gifts come in our signature gift box

Whether you give single loaves, or multi loaf gift packs, Strawberry Hill Povitica will make a lasting impression. 

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