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Customer Comments

"Love, Love, Love your products!!!!"
Carol S. - New York 2-26-15

"Love them all!"
Corrine A. - Arizona 2-26-15

"I love povitica!"
Shari P. - Kansas 2-26-15

"I'm another happy customer! So glad you're keeping the tradition alive."
joan L. - New York 2-26-15

"Your povitica is delicious! Now I don't have to make my own."
joan L. - New York 2-26-15

"This is a special treat. I love it and am anxious to try a couple different flavors."
Judy M. - Washington 2-26-15

"Nom, nom, nom..."
KL H. - Arizona 2-26-15

"Love the product and love being able to order it directly from you. The free shipping is an added bonus!"
Kathy S. - Illinois 2-26-15

"I love your potica! It tastes just like my Slovenian grandma used to make!"
Jennifer G. - Oklahoma 2-26-15

"Love the product...just like my Grandma made."
C. M. R. - Tennessee 2-26-15

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Serving & Storing

Keeping Your Povitica Fresh

Upon arrival your Povitica will stay fresh for one week at room temperature and two weeks refrigerated. If frozen, it will stay fresh for up to three months. We discourage freezing any of our Povitica with cream cheese, as these loaves tend to crumble once thawed.


The best way to slice Povitica is to turn it upside down and use a serrated bread knife.


We recommend serving Povitica at room temperature or warming to desired temperature.

The scrumptious flavors of Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. have brought families together for centuries! It's great with coffee or tea, delightful with milk, perfect on the breakfast table, and a sweet treat with dinner. However you slice it, Strawberry Hill Povitica Co. is just right anytime!

Our unique Serving Suggestions

  • Toast our Povitica and add butter
  • Povitica + a scoop of ice cream
  • Povitica French Toast
  • Povitica Ham Sandwiches

How do you and your family enjoy Strawberry Hill Povitica?

Share your favorite recipe with us! Let us know at