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Customer Comments

"Love your products!"
Ronald R. - Ohio 3-28-15

"I'm excited to try your product for the 1st time! :)"
Brandy M. - West Virginia 3-28-15

"Excellent Product. . . do not change anything, I will watch my carbs, calories, etc!"
Stephen T. - Florida 3-28-15

"Your pastry is excellent. my Grandmother ran a Slovak bakery in cleveland. it tastes like hers!"
Kevin A. - Indiana 3-28-15

"Love the English Walnut... thanks for the free shipping."
Gwen B. - Oregon 3-28-15

"THANK YOU for all your hard work!!"
Raine A. - Ohio 3-28-15

"My Croatian grandmother made this, and we have made it throughout the years from her recipe. I love being able to buy it as well since it is quite labor intensive to make, and we always have to have it at Easter! :)"
Emily M. - Texas 3-28-15

"Love your povitica! "
Amy T. - Missouri 3-28-15

"Keep making it & I'll keep ordering it!"
Terri H. - Florida 3-28-15

"Thank you for this opportunity to purchase at a great price!"
Teresa S. - Nevada 3-28-15

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